About Us

Established in the Fall of 2003,  Making Music Together was instrumental in changing the face of early-childhood music education in Toronto by bringing the award winning Music Together® program to the city.

Owner/Director Risa Waldman launched her Making Music Together company out of a desire to spend less time “on the road” performing but continue doing what she loves - singing and dancing. Read more about Risa's experience here.  She has firmly established the program in Toronto over the past 18 years, now operating 12 locations around the mid-town area and serving over 400 families each term. 

MMT has raised the bar on what music "education" should look like by creating a focus on the family music making experience. The first to offer "mixed age" classes, MMT has been providing families with opportunity to attend classes all together, regardless of age and the tools to joyfully MAKE MUSIC with their voices and bodies both at home and in the all-important community setting.  This experience is so much more than simply a music circle!  

"We are so proud that families have embraced both our classes and the value of early-childhood music education so passionately that they return year after year with their 1st, 2, and 3rd child.  Some have been with us for 5 or 6 years!"